Celebrating Eagan Pointe Residents and Staff

Celebrating Eagan Pointe Residents and Staff

October 23rd, 2020

We love the amazing people in our community! Check out some of the ways we’ve been celebrating Eagan Pointe residents and staff over the last couple weeks.

We celebrated our amazing community members for Tenant Appreciation Week at the end of September! Here’s our friend, Helen, showing off the rose she received – one of the many daily gifts we gave out that week! 🌹

In celebration of Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week, the Eagan Pointe staff gave our dietary team a yummy cake to recognize and thank them for all they do for the health and safety of our community members. Pictured here from left to right:

Back row – Head Chef Matt, Eddie, Erik
Middle – Maggie, Rachel, Bogu
Front right – Barb

Please join us in giving a big THANK YOU to all our amazing foodservice workers at Eagan Pointe!

We held a “flu shot clinic” drawing for Eagan Pointe associates recently. All employees who received a flu shot this year were entered for a chance to win a $250 Target gift card. Congratulations to Centila for taking home the big prize!

Eagan Pointe Senior Living associates received a surprise note from a resident one recent morning:

“Thanks to all the employees of Eagan Pointe for all you do day and night to keep us safe and sane during this pandemic!” -Ruby L.

What a great way to start the day. Thank you for the kind words, Ruby!

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Tenant Appreciation Luncheon Thank You Note

September 30th, 2020

Eagan Pointe Senior Living associates recently held a tenant appreciation luncheon for our amazing community members. Our kitchen staff created a delicious meal of Italian cuisine, which we then served door-to-door to each tenant. They loved the meal and warm greetings from our associates. Following the luncheon, one resident sent us a handwritten thank you note, which we always love!

“This is a huge thank you to the entire staff, ‘from the cellar to the dome,’ at Eagan Pointe for all you have done, above and beyond, for us residents here during this unusual COVID-19 pandemic!” -Marilyn J.

Thank you for the kind words, Marilyn! We always prioritize the safety, well-being, and happiness of our community members, and we love to hear that it shows!

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State Fair Food Happy Hour & More Summer Fun

September 8th, 2020

With fall just around the corner, we’ve been celebrating the season change with a State Fair food happy hour and other fun summer events at Eagan Pointe. 

Tenants at Eagan Pointe Senior Living recently enjoyed a Happy Hour event as well as samples of Minnesota State Fair foods.

The munchies menu included mini donuts, corn dogs, cheese curds, and deep-fried Snickers on a stick.

These tasty treats made it feel as though we were at the Great Minnesota Get-Together!

Some of the Eagan Pointe Garden Cove tenants recently marked the end of summer with a fun craft. They traced their handprints and used them to create ice cream cone art with help from our Activity Coordinator, Samantha.

Take a look and see how their projects turned out! 🍦

We recently had some noteworthy events at Eagan Pointe.

One of our tenants, Millie, experienced a private outdoor concert with friends. The weather was perfect, and so was the music! 🎶

We also celebrated Taylor’s last day with well-wishes and cake. 

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Touching Hearts at Home Snack Truck & Farewell to Vince

July 24th, 2020

Touching Hearts at Home brought their snack truck to Eagan Pointe recently, handing out treats and beverages to our hardworking staff members. The free snacks were a very kind and uplifting gesture. We enjoyed taking some goofy photos, too. Thank you, Touching Hearts!

We recently said goodbye to our Alternate Chef, Vince, who will now be the Head Chef at Lilydale Senior Living. While we will miss Vince, we congratulate and wish him the best of luck in his new role!

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Father’s Day and Birthday Celebrations

June 30th, 2020

We honored the fathers of Eagan Pointe all weekend long with a photograph display in our blue lounge. We hope you all had an amazing Father’s Day!

We recently celebrated Peggy’s birthday at Eagan Pointe with yummy cake. Please join us in wishing her a very Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉

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Celebrating Five Years of Eagan Pointe

June 15th, 2020

To celebrate five years of Eagan Pointe, we honored associates who have been with us since day one, featuring a different team member each day on social media. Read on to learn more about these dedicated staff members!



Patience joined us as a home health aide (HHA) to help open the building in 2015. Living nearby, she watched the building’s construction while eagerly waiting for her chance to apply and said her “prayers were answered” when she was hired. Before Eagan Pointe officially opened, she was here helping clean and prepare the brand new building for the tenants who would be moving in.

For Patience, the best part of her job is helping and caring for those in need and building bonds with the residents. Patience says she has too many great memories at Eagan Pointe to pick a favorite, but she loves visiting with the residents, singing along with them, and hearing stories from their youth.

In her free time, Patience likes to cook a LOT and go on long walks with her family. Please join us in congratulating Patience on 5 years with Eagan Pointe Senior Living!



Max was hired in 2015 as Eagan Pointe’s first housekeeper. He started before the community officially opened and remembers working alongside Eagan Pointe’s Residence Director, Renee, Assistant Residence Director, Mickey, and the construction crew to make sure everything was clean, safe, and ready to welcome our first residents. Fun fact: Max didn’t realize he was working with Eagan Pointe’s owners until later on, and the memory is one of his favorites from the last 5 years!

While Max enjoys keeping the common areas and apartments clean for our residents, his favorite part of the job is interacting with them and hearing their stories, as well as the appreciation he receives from the management team.

In his free time, Max loves to work in his garden, spend time with his grandchildren, and fix things around his house. Please join us in congratulating Max on 5 years with Eagan Pointe Senior Living!


Activity Director

Taylor was hired in 2015 after a friend, who had joined Southview Senior Communities staff about a year prior to Eagan Pointe’s opening, recommended she apply. Taylor remembers how busy Eagan Pointe’s official opening was, with residents waiting in the lobby before they could begin moving into their apartments. However, she also remembers the team pulling together for a successful first day and is happy to say that teamwork has stayed strong ever since!

Taylor says the best part of her job is spreading joy to the residents. She loves learning about their favorite activities and figuring out how to bring them to Eagan Pointe. Taylor also enjoys seeing and helping new residents move in and make this community their home.

Though she has made countless amazing memories in her time here, Taylor’s favorite is working with residents to build a cookbook of their recipes. The final product was a collection of personal recipes submitted by the residents, all gathered in one book that featured resident artwork on the cover. For Taylor, working on a project that incorporates a little piece of each resident was a very special and rewarding experience.

Taylor loves just about anything outdoors in her free time, but especially likes hiking, biking, kayaking, and fishing. She also enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Taylor, and dog, Bohdi. Please join us in congratulating Patience on 5 years with Eagan Pointe Senior Living!


Director of Maintenance

Prior to opening in 2015, our upper management team recruited Jake from his current job at the time. He decided he liked the variety of daily work the Eagan Pointe position offered and accepted the role. He remembers how busy the staff was with welcoming new residents when the building opened, and it became clear right away that he was part of an amazing team and community. He’s happy to say there’s never been a dull moment since and he’s more than happy he decided to come aboard!

For Jake, the best part of his job is helping the residents. He’s realized there are so many simple things we take for granted in our everyday lives, and helping residents gives him much more appreciation for the little things in life. Jake also enjoys listening to the stories, wisdom, and valuable life lessons they have to share, and he’s happy he can pass it all on to his own children as they continue to grow.

Jake’s favorite memory so far at Eagan Pointe was the flag raising ceremony when the community’s flag pole was first erected. He’ll never forget how many veterans and veterans’ wives were in attendance, nor the pride that was shown on each of their faces.

Jake is an avid outdoorsman who especially enjoys hunting and fishing. He also loves spending time with his wife, Liz, their daughters, Ella (8) and Maci (6), and their dog, Mack. Together, he and his family like to make trips to their cabin and spend time outdoors and on the lake fishing, boating, and swimming. Please join us in congratulating Jake on 5 years with Eagan Pointe Senior Living!


Assistant Residence Director

Mickey has been working with seniors since she was 16 years old, when she was a nursing assistant in a care center. With a strong desire to continue helping and making a difference for seniors, she found a passion in helping people find the perfect fit when they’re ready to move into a senior community. 

Mickey remembers Eagan Pointe’s grand opening as a very busy yet exciting time as she got to meet the tenants, their families, and all of her coworkers, and she’s thankful that the fun and excitement hasn’t stopped! For Mickey, the best part of her job has been meeting and educating seniors (both within Eagan Pointe and the surrounding areas) about living in a senior community and helping them find the perfect fit for them and their lifestyle. She’s also very thankful for the relationships she’s formed with members of the Eagan Pointe staff, management, and community.

When she’s not working, Mickey loves spending time with family and friends and walking her dog, Gracie. She also enjoys snowmobiling, skiing, hiking, fishing, and camping. Please join us in congratulating Mickey on 5 years with Eagan Pointe Senior Living!

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Healthy Living

January 22nd, 2018

January is healthy living month at Eagan Pointe Senior Living. One of the activity department’s goals is to review healthy living with the Garden Cove residents at Eagan Pointe. They asked Sarah, the director of nursing, to put together a presentation for the residents. Sarah talked about the ways to ease stress and the importance of a healthy diet and drinking milk. She also took the time to do some breathing exercises with the residents. Our residents are now on the right track to healthy living!

Healthy Living Discussion at Eagan Pointe Senior Living

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Kitchen Tour

January 16th, 2018

There’s a saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we couldn’t agree more! Residents had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Eagan Pointe Senior Living. They took a kitchen tour led by head chef, Matt Lucey. They saw where all their food is made and stored, like the walk-in cooler, and where the dishes are washed!

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Tenant Appreciation Lunch

September 20th, 2017

The Eagan Pointe Staff hosted a Tenant Appreciation Lunch as a way to say thank you to the tenants for being the best!

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Bird Show

August 16th, 2017

Brad and Tracy Ruth, whose mother lives at Eagan Pointe Senior Living brought some of their Parrots in to Eagan Pointe for the tenants to see and ask questions about. Brad and Tracy foster birds and at any given time have 14-20 birds at their house. They taught the tenants a little about each bird and what they would be like if they were in the wild. They even let Taylor, Activity Director, participate by holding a couple of the birds.

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