Fire Station

May 26th, 2017

Eagan Pointe received some new neighbors. Right down the hill from Eagan Pointe a new fire station was built. The Fire Station became operational May 1st and there is a grand opening on June 8th. The Eagan Fire Chief, Mike Scott, invited Eagan Pointe tenants down early to be some of the first few people to see the new building. Eagan Pointe presented the Fire Fighters that were there on the tour with us a statue of the Fire Fighting Emblem, a picture frame with a picture of their new building, and a large card signed by tenants, staff and family of those at Eagan Pointe. The Fire Fighters with the Fire Chief, Mike Scott, then took the tenants around the station, showing them their equipment that they use and their trucks and other rescue equipment. They even let the tenants test out their lazy boys in their day room, shown in the picture with Mary Ronzani. The community of Eagan Pointe is looking forward to many other interactions and get-togethers with the fire fighters of the new Fire Station #1 in Eagan.