Vulcan Bingo

During Eagan Pointe Senior Living’s Winter Carnival, the residents were surprised by a Vulcan taking over their game of bingo. Instead of receiving a prize when they won bingo, the Vulcan would mark their cheeks, and they would become part of the Vulcan party. Eagan Pointe’s Vulcan-ettes!

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Olympic Trivia

In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Eagan Pointe Senior Living hosted an Olympic themed happy hour. It started with Lenore bringing in the Eagan Pointe Olympic torch. All the residents were split up into different countries and played a trivia game together. The team that got the most correct answers were the gold medal winners! This year the winning team was from Greece, which included Denny, Julie, Patty, Marilyn, Shirley, and Betty.

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Coronation Ball

Eagan Pointe held their 2nd annual Coronation Ball as part of their week-long Eagan Pointe Winter Carnival. Residents nominated other residents to be king and queen of Eagan Pointe. At the Coronation Ball, King Stuart and Queen Diane (2017) passed their crowns onto the new King Dick and Queen Jewell (2018). King Dick and Queen Jewell recited the Eagan Pointe Oath and started the ball off with a first dance. All the tenants of …

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