Volunteer Piano Player

Volunteer Piano Player

December 27th, 2016

One of our Eagan Pointe Tenants, Marilyn Hall, volunteered to play the piano for the tenants in the Garden Coves. The tenants love piano music and Marilyn really enjoyed providing the service for them. Marilyn often practices the piano in the Community Room of Eagan Pointe.

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Holiday Party!

December 21st, 2016

We hope you enjoy these pictures from our Holiday Party, our tenants and staff had a blast and really got into the holiday spirit!


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Animal Ambassadors

December 19th, 2016

The tenants of Eagan Pointe got a visit from the Animal Ambassadors and their friends! The Animal Ambassadors are two ladies that put on programs for senior living facilities and schools and other places. They bring their unusual pets with them to show the audience. This time the Animal Ambassadors brought a Cavy, a Parrot, a Bearded Dragon, an Armadillo, a 4-week old Porcupine and a Hedgehog. The tenants were able to touch some of the animals and the Animal Ambassadors would answer any questions the tenants had about the animals. It was a very neat experience for the tenants!


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Christmas Fun: Ornament Making, Gingerbread Cookies & Santa Onesie

December 16th, 2016

The crafters of Eagan Pointe made their own Holiday Ornaments during a craft session in December. They took clear glass ornaments and put acrylic paint inside the bulb and rolled around so the colors would swirl together. When all was said and done the ornaments were beautiful and each of them were unique!

img_1394 img_1391 img_1392 img_1393

Some of the creative of tenants at Eagan Pointe helped with decorating Gingerbread Cookies. The cookies will be served at the Holiday Party! Although it got a little messy at times, the tenants still had a good time decorating!

img_1412 img_1413 img_1414

Staff member Bri and Eagan Pointe Tenant Bonnie Ruff, took holiday pictures by the newly decorated Christmas Tree on Garden Cove 3.  Bri was all dressed up in her Santa onesie which put Bonnie in the Holiday spirit.

img_0884 img_0883


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Potluck & Post-Election Donuts

December 15th, 2016

The Tenants of Eagan Pointe came together before Thanksgiving and enjoyed a Potluck lunch together. Each Tenant brought something to share with the rest of us and just enjoyed the company of others at the Potluck.

thumbnail_img_0777 thumbnail_img_0776

Eagan Pointe Resident Director, Renee Belland Wenda, brought in post-election day donuts to celebrate that there would no longer be election advertisements on TV. Tenant, Bonnie Ruff, came down to the office with a staff member and enjoyed a Post-Election Day Donut with Renee!


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December 15th, 2016

Eagan Pointe has a few security guards. We have had these three turkeys hanging around our building all Fall and now into winter. The tenants get to see them out back almost daily. It brings them some entertainment while they are in the dining room eating!

thumbnail_img_0795 thumbnail_img_0794

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Holiday Sing Along

December 5th, 2016

Eagan Pointe hosted Accordion player Denny for a Holiday Sing Along. Tenant Joan Darling led the singing while the audience called out their favorite Holiday and Christmas songs for Denny to play. The tenants really got into the Christmas Spirit with this sing along.

img_1415 img_1416 img_1417

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